We are a church where Jesus is the main thing -- we believe when you know Him, it changes everything. And, we want to know Him and love Him deeply and help others do the same.


We are a church that loves others well, both inside our walls and out in our city. This is a place where imperfect people come and belong - we are a family. A church isn't about the building, after all, but the people.


We are a church where broken, hurting, and lost people can encounter the hope of the Gospel through Jesus. We are not a church full of perfect people. Oh no. Rather, we are a church full of people who have been rescued by the grace of God and the gospel of Jesus. We believe that the same grace and the saving power of the Gospel are available to all people and that God cares deeply about you.


We are a church that understands this is not about us, but it's all about Him. God has a purpose and plan for every life, and ultimately our lives are meant to point people to Jesus. That's why we're here. That's why we do what we do. Because Jesus.


Jesus. Changes. Everything.

Our Core Values



We exist to bring glory to God as ambassadors of Jesus Christ in Holy Spirit power. 



We work to build a family of faith through NEXT STEPS. 



In all we do, our most important goal is pointing people to Jesus. 



We say it quite often around here; we believe Jesus changes everything! We know it, we've seen it in our lives, and we want YOU to know it too!

Our Team

We are Thankful For You

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